Re: Cannot get Rick's photos

From: Marko Meyer (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 09:29:51 EST

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    paul writes:
     > I saw that photo as part of a video this morning
     > on ABC News, followed by retired military expert
     > discussing tile situation.  no one suggested that
     > the video was "fake."  I suppose there could be
     > a difference of opinion as to what it purported
     > to show.
    In the picture has been compared to pictures of the
    payload bay. It was found that the structure visible in the right part
    of this image is probably the front "wall" of the payload bay. The
    video was filmed through the rear cabin windows. The rectangular black
    structure visible up and right above the center of the image is one of
    the "latch pins" at the upper perimeter of the payload bay. 
    cf. news:<>
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