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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 09:43:14 EST

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    Hi all,
    I could go through tens of hours of NASA TV videotape recording from past 
    shuttle missions I have at home, but this picture looks familiar to me. You can 
    see such images when the A or D cameras in the payload bay (the ones just aft of 
    the cockpit bulkhead) go to their travel limit near the cockpit. To me, the 
    black thing protruding from the cockpit wall is a latch used for payload bay 
    doors. The curvature of the Earth is due to the camera being at maximum zoom 
    out. NOTHING in this image looks like part of a wing. The payload bay cameras 
    are blocked by the bay doors from seeing the wings.
    If I have time tonight I will look for a similar image on my videotape. Hope it 
    will be of better quality.
    Only a Canadarm would have been useful for getting pictures of the wing, but 
    there was none installed on that mission. Image quality is great with the arm 
    cameras. They already used the arm for checking the vent port when making a 
    water dump. This port is on the left side of the shuttle and the arm was able to 
    position itself in a very favorable angle.
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