Re: [dsat] A sewed and crumpled canvas cover !

From: paul (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 10:33:46 EST

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    I re-watched the ABC TV News segment re the tile
    situation from the west coast feed, to clarify, ABC did
    not relate or refer the video image to the wing or crack,
    why it was played is unclear; however...  
    some tidbits ABC reported that was news to me...
    reference the original design, NASA had three (3) heat shield
    designs for Shuttle, gluing tiles to the underbelly was the
    least expensive.  there was a 1990 report from Stanford U
    scientist about the problem of foam hitting the tiles, 
    and perhaps the most curious, ABC claims that the US Air Force
    did take high resolution photos of STS-107 from two different sites, 
    and in ABC words, NASA got a "gag order" and those
    photos have not been released.  will they be released? && what
    do they show?
    At 16:12 2/4/2003 +0100, you wrote:
    >I received from John "satcom" <> nice images
    >captured on NASA TV. They show the same area of the bay as in the Maariv
    >web site (attached here), and probably the Erev Hadash show.
    >The following messages will show John pictures, his comment :
    >"the bulkhead is in shot as seen from rear left payload wing in
    >sight !"
    >My compliments to him, as he worked to clean the informations from major
    >information networks...
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