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From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 11:26:00 EST

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     In addition to Jonathans information let me give a few details
    for1971-067C, #5382, LOADS 2 (Low Altitude Density Satellite) or better known as CANNON BALL 2.
    Around that time (1972) as I was the head of an US government supported satellite tracking station in Berlin we were engaged in this program. This heavy 65 cm spherical satellite (mass 364 kg) dipped at perigee deep in the atmosphere 100 +/- 05 km -  was a difficult object for optical tracking. As I remembering correctly there were some observations from Russell Eberst. We had done
    mainly radio tracking. There was a radio beacon on bord 
    (136.53 Mhz).
    The two mentioned russian objects Cosmos 149 (1967-24A)
    and Cosmos 320 (1970-05A) - named by the manufactorer DS-MO -
    characterized by its annular tail had short lifetimes
     - 18 and 25 days - and were far away from a deep perigee at
    a region around 100 km. We had also done some tracking. Our
    impression was that the Russians were testing the possibility
    of an aerodynamic steering with the movable annular tail.
    Berlin, Germany
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