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From: paul (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 16:49:51 EST

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    Concur that ABC sounded more accusatory this morning,
    at this point I think reasonable minds can have different
    conclusions re "careless attitude...ET debris."
    I sensed from the news, that this has been an issue with
    NASA since at least 1990... what that meant in terms of
    fixing it, or how to, vis a vis careless attitude in general
    & w/STS-107 I'm sure will take several months to sort out.
    hypothetically, are you saying, eg, that if a substantial
    number of the tiles fell off and the astronauts and NASA were
    fully aware of this, that they would simply deorbit knowing
    they would meltdown ??  if that IS the case, then it seems
    like the smart guys on this list should engineer a better
    system (or a PI atty might say "should have engineered...")
    At 20:17 2/4/2003 +0100, Markus wrote:
    >I'm beginning to sense a notion in the news media to the effect of accusing
    >NASA management of a too careless attitude towards the ET debris incident.
    >Still no one seems to understand how well the issue was dealt with, and how
    >nothing could have been done about it during the mission anyway.
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