Re: A sewed and crumpled canvas cover !

From: Markus Mehring (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 18:09:26 EST

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    On Tue, 4 Feb 2003 14:30:05 -0600, you (Steven Rogers
    <>) wrote:
    >The latest grumbling I've heard is about whether the crew was informed 
    >- in other words, its a scandal even though nothing could be done about 
    >it because they didn't tell the crew that they might have less than the 
    >usual 1 in 100 chance of having a problem.
    And as far as I know, the crew was informed of the ET debris incident, just
    as previous crews also have been informed of unusual incidents that occured
    during ascent. Just as usual.
    Let's wait and see when the questions get more frequent why "NASA" "fired"
    those members from the safety review board. (For those who don't get the
    pun, that's an external and independent review board, and NASA can't
    possibly fire anyone there even if they wanted to, which I highly doubt.)
    CU!	Markus
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