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From: George Roberts (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 21:17:06 EST

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    > I found nothing disrespectful in Goodman's column, in which
    > she questions whether or not the present day human space
    > program is worthy of the risk.
    Those astronauts thought it was worth the risk.  More NASA employees died
    in car accidents last year than on space ships.  Don't you think their deaths are
    just as tragic?  I do.  Those car accident victims died and what had they spent
    their life doing?  Working for NASAs space program.  Was that worth it?
    If you argue against NASAs policies, please use other arguments, such as waste
    of money, not risk to astronauts lives.  Or bad goals.
    Most large building projects pretty much guarantee a few deaths.  Are they worth it?
    Most people don't consider the deaths -- they look at the cost -- and that is more
    appropriate.  War with Iraq -- now that's a different thing altogether!  Not too many
    people are whining about the cost.
    - George Roberts
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