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Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 00:16:11 EST

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    the only thing that bitch ever risked is a bent eyelash (from too much mascara)
    Markus Mehring wrote:
    > On Tue, 4 Feb 2003 15:01:40 -0800, you ("Dale Ireland"
    > <>) wrote:
    > >You can read the whole thing at
    > >
    > >oration+.shtml
    > >If you can get past the popup ads.
    > I've seen nothing pop up, FWIW.
    > Quote:
    > "But while tragedy catches our elusive attention, we have to ask a more
    > basic question: What is the goal -- the mission, as NASA describes every
    > liftoff -- for which we can justify sending eager astronauts on a risky
    > venture?"
    > It's not so much a question of who or if, sending people on that risky
    > trip. It's more of a question of wether there are people willing to take
    > the risk and go, and what can we do to help them make it less risky. No one
    > gets "sent", these are not soldiers on a military mission. They're all
    > volunteers.
    > Quote:
    > "Where are we going when it's a ''go''?"
    > When I open the front page of the NASA website (, I see three
    > major subjects prominently presented. They say: "Improve Life Here - Extend
    > Life To There - Find Life Beyond". That's, in a nutshell, where and why
    > "we're" going. I for one don't find that too difficult to understand.
    > Quote:
    > "Forgive me if I trivialize the work, but do we want to risk lives for
    > perfume and ants?"
    > Who is "we" in this context? That's not just trivializing (badly and
    > shamefully), that's overbearing.
    > CU!     Markus
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