Re: Boston Globe Op/ Ed Article

From: Steven Rogers (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 02:01:26 EST

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    On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, at 12:46 AM, Markus Mehring wrote:
    >> I have read those arguments in detail, and have never seen them 
    >> effectively
    >> countered.
    > Please explain and justify the huge amount of funding that keeps going 
    > into other non-space fields of research that have far far less 
    > practical or direct short-term and long-term results to the benefit of 
    > people worldwide than manned spaceflight.
    Yes, and we would all be much better off if they were funded by the 
    people who cared about them rather than politics. Getting NASA out of 
    the space business will do for it what getting DARPA out of the 
    internet business did for that.
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