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Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 10:54:02 EST

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    Markus wrote:
    >Please explain and justify the huge amount of funding that keeps going
    >other non-space fields of research that have far far less practical or
    >direct short-term and long-term results to the benefit of people
    >than manned space flight. Explain why money goes into theoretical
    >particle accelerators, astronomy, philosophy, art, or archaeology. Also
    >explain what the direct and indirect benefits of such fields are that
    >render them privileged above space flight. Why invest in such fields?
    I will make no such attempt to justify the funding of science in any other
    I have no doubt money must be wasted in other research areas.
    But doesn't your argument boil down to "others waste money why shouldn't
    Note to our very tolerant moderator - I think we all realize that this topic
    is really close to being OT.
    But the justification of manned space flight debate is certainly on topic
    with respect to the number of interesting visual objects we may see in the
    Steve Bolton
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