Yosemite odds better

From: Matson, Robert (ROBERT.D.MATSON@saic.com)
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 16:50:04 EST

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    Hi Dale and List,
    > The local noon TV news here had a photo of what appears to be 3 or 4 tiles
    > in one piece found west of Yosemite. Perhaps more believable.
    Definitely much more reasonable in terms of cross-track range from the
    ground track.  But to be found this far west means these tiles (if
    they are Columbia tiles) came off much earlier -- while Columbia was
    still over the western Pacific.  Of course, if they DO turn out to
    be authentic, they will be the most important pieces of evidence
    found as they will identify exactly where trouble began.  I remain
    skeptical, though, just based on the odds against finding such a
    "needle in a haystack" so soon after the disaster.  --Rob
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