OT : STS 107 SRB venting ?

From: satcom (john@satcom.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 05:15:28 EST

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    I wonder , can anyone on the list advise if the SRBs vent at any stage
    during  the climb out ?
    It seems a strange question , and by virtue of the fact they are "solid
    boosters" I can't see why they should .
    I ask , because at about 70 plus seconds into the flight , there is what
    appears to be a vent sequence streaking across the trailing edge of the
    right wing.
    "It"  moves perpendicular to the direction of flight  and appears in full in
    just one frame of video .
    At this point Columbia was about ten miles downrange , below 60,000 feet and
    travelling at 17-1800 mph.....
    I'd appreciate your thoughts.
    Many hanks,
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