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Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 08:07:45 EST

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    He's just saying that, assuming that everything floating in the lake gets washed up on the shore by the wind, if you walk around the shoreline (one dimension) you will have effectively searched the whole lake surface (two dimensions). The shoreline is one dimension because if you straighten it out it will be a line repeating itself every circumference length.
    Marcus Massey
    Alexander M Zoltai <> wrote :
    > Hmmm...
    > Rob, maybe it's the early hour...
    > I have a good science background but this formula escapes my understanding:
    > "Mother Nature (wind) combines with physics (buoyancy)
    > to reduce large two-dimensional areas (lakes) into one-dimensional
    > shorelines."
    > I don't disagree; I just don't get it...
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