Re: Shuttle attitude MET day 3

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 14:23:11 EST

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     I admit I may be wrong- going from memory as I guess we all are without
    transcripts or recordings.... but I as I recall it I am more certain than
    not that some mention was made of the damage and that it was made light
    of.... though of course I accept that it cannot yet be established what part
    it played in the disaster- that is the big question!
    I wonder whether anyone made recordings of the NASA-TV coverage- as I have
    the freeware version of the player I was not in a position to do so, but I
    think it might be possible with a paid version?
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    > On Sat, 8 Feb 2003 07:15:49 +1300, you ("Robert Holdsworth"
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    > >I remember hearing it mentioned on NASA-TV and  as I recall it you are
    > >correct.
    > >But bear in mind  that we were also told (probably round the same time!)
    > >that the damage was not significant........
    > Uhm, no. AFAIC we were told that it wasn't _considered_ significant. And I
    > would absolutely agree to that assessment. Evaluating the ET debris impact
    > of that one piece could not have come to the conclusion that there was
    > substantial damage to the left wing that would result in loss of vehicle
    > upon reentry. Even at this point, knowing what we have learned by now, it
    > is extremely difficult to make a connection between that one piece and the
    > symptoms that showed up during reentry. There's a lot things in there that
    > simply do not make sense. The chances that that one piece was the root
    > cause are, as far as I'm concerned, marginal.
    > CU! Markus
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