From: Steve Newcomb (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 23:16:41 EST

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    Last night watched the ISS come out of west low in the trees, and watched it
    rise and cross the sky to disappear into shadow after passing thru Orion. I
    was using 2 day old elements and had the time wrong by 3 minutes, but I
    patiently waited assuming a reboost. Current element from OIG shows an
    increased apogee of 8 miles. I told several people of the pass, who I hope
    waited, and my wife and daughter joined me outside in -12 C temp and strong
    The ISS has been continuously manned for 833 days. The Expedition 6 crew
    have been onboard for 82 days. I am still very sad over the loss of the
    shuttle Columbia, but I do not want to see our presence in space end.
    Lat 39.4707 Lon -79.3388  Alt 2573 ft  -5 UTC
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