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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 22:10:11 EST

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    I think somebody may find the following info useful. I recently discovered
    that I can get easily get coordinates (D.DDDD and D/M/S) and altitude of any
    location in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) from the seamless
    topographic maps available at
    I find the spot I'm interested in, whether it be on a country road or
    whatever and set the option for the type of coordinates I want. That setting
    is along the bottom of the map. Then I click on a spot on the map and I can
    read off the coordinates along the map's top. Another bonus is that the
    actual cursor location is given at the lower left of the computer screen. It
    changes rapidly as I move it around. I often choose to capture the screen
    using "Alt, Print Scrn" then paste the image either directly to a word
    document or to Paint first. I prefer this over any "download method."
    As a bonus the topo maps include altitude above sea level. The contour
    interval with the 1:25,000 maps is 10 feet.
    Have a look!
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