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From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 13:25:35 EST

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    > I recently discovered
    > that I can get easily get coordinates (D.DDDD and D/M/S) and altitude of
    > location in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) from the seamless
    > topographic maps available at
    That's a cool website! The "National Map Viewer" is similar, but doesn't
    offer elevation information ( is their
    "Digital Maps & Data" page, which contains a pile of mapping related links).
    > I often choose to capture the screen
    > using "Alt, Print Scrn" then paste the image either directly to a word
    > document or to Paint first.
    I use SnagIt,  With
    SnagIt, for example, you could go to Topozone and choose the large map
    format (you'll have to scroll your browser window to see the map in its
    entirety), ask SnagIt to capture the active window (namely, your browser
    window) using automatic scrolling, and SnagIt will snag all of it, saving
    the image in the image format of your choice (e.g., gif or png).
    In general, as soon as you can view on image on your screen, you've already
    downloaded it, however.  For example, I can go to the National Map Viewer
    website, navigate to the location I'm interested in, then open C:\Documents
    and Settings\Thomas Fly\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files (on a
    Windows XP PC)- for which I have a handy desktop icon- sort by "Last
    Modified," and there'll be a big fat png file somewhere near the top; I can
    then drag a copy of it to my desktop.
    Topozone downloads its maps in pieces, however, so that technique wouldn't
    be of much value in that case.
    A couple more mapping links:
    USGS Index to Glossary Terms:
    Difference between WGS 84 and WGS 72 Geodetic Coordinates:
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