Re: ISS Lunar Transit Recorded from Livermore, CA

From: John Locker (
Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 03:50:35 EST

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    Brilliant catch Ed.....and I admire your confidence using such a small
    FOV..... !
    I usually set up using hi mag , trying to pick a spot which ties in  with
    the location and latest keps.But then the doubts start to creep in...then
    sheer panic , and I invariably drop back to eyepiece projection and a 30
    minute field of view , to ensure I get at least something on film  :O)
    > One other thing ... the next time might be on Monday!  It would be a drive
    > of about 60+ miles for me (to Sacramento), but might be worth it --- an
    > range of only 246 miles.  If I can get off work early, I might go for it.
    Here's hoping you go for....I'm looking forawrd to seeing that one.
    Excellent work.
    Best wishes,
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