Re: ISS Solar Transit Observation

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 16:16:19 EST

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    Your observation was a whopping 78 seconds after I saw it transit the sun 407
    miles away in South Carolina- not much point in suborbital airliners, if it
    takes 7 minutes to fly from NY to LA, and 3 hours to check in at the airport...
    then 2 hours to drive 25 miles to where you're going...
    > This observation belongs somewhere in my top  10.  I was hoping to see a
    > small black speck transiting the solar  disk.  What I observed was a
    > detailed silhouette where the solar panels  were clearly different than
    > the ISS modules.  I could even (barely) resolve  the gap between the solar
    > panels.  Yimmity.
    The ISS was about 445 miles away at the time- wait till you see one from about
    245 miles!
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