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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Feb 13 2004 - 17:13:46 EST

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    Hi All
    Ive just received my GPS receiver - ( free!) -  and for those 
    interested it is an 8 channel unit MOTOROLA ONCORE UT 
    unit. Ive just spent the last two hours scouring the internet for 
    the software for it and eventually located dos and windows 
    versions so  hopefully will have the unit running soon. I also 
    received a GPS active antenna with it so now have to  mate the
    two units, build a +5 volt power supply , hook up some
    cables to a pc and I think I have to build an RS-232 interface
    and maybe one or two other items. I have not yet decided
    exactly how I am going to tie it into my tracking system - I guess
    I could replace the 1pps from my quartz crystal oscillator divider
    chain with the GPS units 1pps, or apply the 1pps to my video time
    stamper unit- either will mean that I no longer need WWV and 
    my timing should be locked at all times to GPS.
    Of more interest to readers could be a site I came across in my
    This offers the freeware DOS program KIWI that uses a PC and
    a GPS receiver ( with 1 pulse/second output) to timestamp an
    event to millisecond accuracy to UTC. It does require the user
    to make up some simple electronic circuitry. If interested visit 
    the site at
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