Re: comparison of ISS MCC vs OIG predictions

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Sun Feb 15 2004 - 00:32:31 EST

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    > As nearly as I can measure (and that's probably no better than +/- 100
    > feet), John was actually about 200 feet NE of the closest point on the
    > center line, so the MCC prediction was "off" by about 140 feet...
    I should have divided the 200 feet by the sine of the angle of elevation (21.5
    degrees), to get the ground distance; that would give about 550 feet to the
    closest point on the center line, and mean that the MCC prediction was off by
    about 500 feet, or about half of the OIG error.
    For a high elevation pass (e.g., at a range of 270 miles), the ISS's solar
    panels would be about 40 seconds of arc across; the MCC error would have been
    about 30", versus 60" for the OIG prediction.
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