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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 22:06:06 EST

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    Tonight for the first time, I was able to capture a passing satellite with the gps time inserter
    running. I was scanning to see what sat would pass by, and came across the following
    1 01359U 65034A   04046.88204280 +.00000008 +00000-0 +10000-3 0 06788
    2 01359 032.1338 004.0372 0488927 326.8644 030.2083 09.17111744300168
    Made a nice flashing satellite. I didn't bother to check the ppas database until after I recorded
    the pass. So it was nice to see a flashing satellite, without knowing for sure if it's flashing
    before seeing it. I have put the unedited video on dvd, for safekeeping. I plan to edit the video,
    and put it on my website. 
    It nice to have the gps time inserter, so have a means of knowing on what date and time I saw a
    certain satellite. The time shown is univsersal time. I label the video by satellite catalog
    number, such as 01359 for the above. 
    One happy sat observer now :)
    Bring on more satellite's:) 
    I plan to bag as many on video as possible tonight, ha ha ha. I can also go outside and see them
    with the scope/binoculars. I set the program used to capture to record for a certain length of
    time, then run outside. Since the time is displayed, makes editing easier, since I know where the
    satellite was in the feild of view.
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