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From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Tue Feb 17 2004 - 16:14:17 EST

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    The latest data I processed for this object are from Sep.2002, so my
    predictions were about 1.5 h off (I have not yet added Ed's
    Still, it seems to me that it would flash 6 min earlier (same RA?) per
    20 d W of Ed, flashes 15 min earlier than Ed's, at +0:03 in RA.
    For Don at 39N, 77W, flashes 20 min after Ed's, at +0:12 in RA.
    Don might also see the "backside" of the flashes, some 3.5 h earlier, if
    the cone angle is 78 degrees as calculated then.
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    From: "Ed Cannon"
    > Telstar 401 (93-077A, 22927) is flashing in the evening again.
    > It would be nice if someone some hundreds if not a thousand
    > or two km from Austin could see it flashing also.  I expect
    > at least half a dozen up to possibly ten one-power flashes
    > tonight roughly around 8:40-9:00 PM CST (2:40-3:00 UTC), but
    > we don't know when, relatively, it will flash in locations
    > far away from here.  The episodes Saturday and last night
    > were just to the east of the belt of Orion, roughly RA 6:00,
    > Dec -4 (2000).  It flashes about 10-15 minutes earlier from
    > night to night.  The flash period is now about 101.5 seconds,
    > ten seconds shorter than in November-December.
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