RE: satellite observing success

From: Kevin Z Grey (
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 14:57:44 EST

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    Hi Kevin,
    	How wide is the field of view on that camera?  Has anyone
    successfully hooked up an SLR body/zoom lens with something like this?
    Perhaps with a Quickcam?  I've been contemplating how this would be done
    properly for a while, but I don't have the guts to tear apart one of my
    SLR's in the name of science without knowing whether it'll really work.
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    I have put up the video showing a flash from TITAN 3A TRANSTAGE R/B (
    01369 )
    It's in mpeg 4 format and should play using the apple quicktime player.
    You will need to turn up the brightness of your monitor to see it. The
    orginal unedited video is
    better. But this gives you an idea of what I saw and recorded. Play the
    video, and hopefully you
    see the sat.
    Tom wrote
    Sounds pretty cool. I'm interesting in doing the same thing, so I
    Googled around
    to see if I could find out more, and came up with:
    I assume that's the setup you used. Let us know when you get it on your
    Yup, that's the same setup:)
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