Re: Rosetta launch visibility?

Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 10:52:03 EST

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    > > However the launch windows page doesn't seem to agree
    > with 
    > > the otherwise stated nominal launch time of 7:36:49
    > UTC.  
    > > The first window says 9:16:49 GMT and the second one is
    > > 9:36:49 GMT:
    The information from spaceflightnow is obsolete AFAIK.
    The only launch window is the one the one that stats at 9:36:49 GMT.
    To my knowledge, the Ariane 5 main stage will stay in orbit for
    quite a while this time and should be quite impressive visually.
    Could somebody generate predictions for Kourou (5 d 10m North,
    52 d 41 m West) for this case and mail them to my email adress?This 
    personal favour would be highly apreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
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