Re: How to identify satellites

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu Feb 26 2004 - 19:53:14 EST

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    I use guide 8, for satellite id and watching.
    I lilk to run it in real time mode, so say I am tracking a geo sat, and another sat passes by, I
    can see what the object is. That's assuming we know about it, I am sure there a few objects up
    there we don't have orbits for. 
    I also assume stuff when I do a search, like time errors. So far I have bagged 4 satellites for
    people, who wanted to know what they saw. 2 so far for chiayk. It fun to try to id stuff.
    Then my neirbour see's something, and I id it for him. The other day, sure looks like he saw
    lacrosse 3.
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