ISS leaps !

From: John Locker (
Date: Sun Feb 29 2004 - 03:17:58 EST

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    Up this morning at  0515 ( I know , that's sad ! ) for the 0552 gmt ISS
    At 0550 I was just trying to fine focus on Polaris , in temps well below
    freezing , using a Hartman mask , when I had this feeling I was being
    watched....a bit like when someone stares at the back of your head. Aghhhh ,
    spinning round , there was ISS bright , beautiful.....and early !
    I know its the leap day , but either my clocks wrong , or the crew were in a
    rush for breakfast.
    Consequently , by the time I removed the mask and pushed the scope round 180
    degrees , I was just in time to see the station toppling to the east.
    For what they are worth , there are a few raw ( reduced to 50% size)  frames
    at :
    .....rushed and out of focus I'm afraid.
    As they say in Eurovision mania swept UK , this lot gets  "Nil points"
    Ah well , just off to thaw out  me toes.
    Seriously ISS running early following the EVA manoeuvres ?
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