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Date: Fri Feb 01 2008 - 22:18:34 UTC

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    Hello Paul,
    There is no really much information about the web site. It is handled by me
    and the domain name would say a few things. N2YO is an amateur radio call
    sign which is an unique identifier ("N" means USA). So I am amateur radio
    (ham radio) enthusiast living in USA. I am also software developer as
    profession but I enjoy writing web applications as hobby too. To complete
    the picture, I am amateur astronomer, member of NOVAC (a large local
    astronomy club -
    Linking to my web site would be highly appreciated. I also provide a small
    tracking widget for ESA and I maintain a
    little gadget on Google:
    Broadband is not required but it would be nice to have. I tested the web
    site on dialup and it works decent. It would take about 18 seconds to load
    the home page first time with a 56k connection.
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    Subject: Questions about
    Would appreciate if the following questions could be answered. I haven't
    heard of the site before. I maintain a astronomy and space site in Australia
    at and am thinking of linking to the site.
    I had a quick look but couldn't find an 'about' button to see who runs the
    I am also curious if broadband is required to see the constantly updating
    Many thanks,
    Paul Floyd.
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