Re: USA 193...............Down under (and in the Far East!)

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2008 - 08:36:38 UTC

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    In theory we do have some more visible passes late in February, however 
    these are very brief shadow exits and it will probably not be really 
    practicable to observe them if they are visible at all by then.
    I had been checking some ISS passes to try and stimulate some interest for a 
    friend in the Philippines who does some stargazing,  and had accidentally 
    not set it back to my home location, so stumbled on the fact that they have 
    USA 193 passes from the 12th February, and a few days later have both 
    morning and evening bright visible passes.  The location I used was Baguio 
    in the north, I have not checked any other areas.
    Not sure if we have any observers there on this list but it looks like it is 
    worth spreading the word if possible.  I will certainly be alerting my 
    > The last of our potentially visible passes (assuming we don't see the darn 
    > thing "in the flesh as it were!)  was last night but still problems with 
    > cloud.
    > Robert Holdsworth
    > Wainuiomata
    > New Zealand
    > somewhere in the South Pacific, more specifically:
    > 174.948E
    > 41.261S
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