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From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2008 - 17:23:02 UTC

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    The Soyuz R/B, ISS and Progress M-62 all observed 1X in excellent 
    (I had not been able to do any observations yesterday after Progress launch 
    owing to poor conditions.)
    The R/B and Progress reached about mag 1 at culmination, the ISS around 
    mag -2.5
    The R/B is about 2 minutes ahead of the ISS, and Progress M-62 about 4 
    minutes behind.
    Owing to lack of precision in observation I will not give detailed times in 
    There were a couple of interesting flashes from elsewhere in the sky while 
    observing, I was just too busy to investigate these further
    Progress M-63 which is considerably behind  was not observed owing to the 
    sky being much lighter by the time of its pass.
    The R/B is close to decay, could be Saturday morning our time (Friday UTC) 
    and we have one daylight pass that could be close to the time of decay.
    To add to all this if the shuttle is launched on schedule the docking will 
    occur as it approaches New Zealand around dawn, but the sky may be too 
    bright for us to see it.  It passes over some parts of Australia so things 
    may be better for them.
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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