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From: Phil Karn (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2008 - 01:15:18 UTC

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    Hello all, I've known about (and admired) your group for some time, and the
    recent NYT article spurred me to get involved.
    I'm an old timer. I've been involved with satellites mainly through AMSAT since
    1980. In 1982-83 I wrote a software package for orbit prediction and
    determination. I used it to determine the orbits of AMSAT-OSCAR-10 and
    AMSAT-OSCAR-13 after their kick motor firings. AO-10 was in 1983 and AO-13 in
    1988 so that's been a while!
    I can't remember if I gave my software to anyone in this group. So I'm wondering
    if I did, and if so whether any part of it is still being used to produce your
    element sets. That would be cool.
    I wrote it to accept radio range and range-rate observations, but it was
    structured to easily accept the alt/az angles that optical observations produce.
    Some time ago I got a Meade LX-200 and wrote software to drive it to follow an
    element set. I meant to go on and add the ability to tweak the tracking to
    follow the satellite's actual position and refine the orbit, but that project
    went on the back burner with many others. I figure by now this capability is
    probably old hat and everybody has it. Is that the case?
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