Galaxy 11 flaring, interesting that it has the same type of antenna as Intelsat 1R and Anik F1

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2008 - 06:02:36 UTC

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    Galaxy 11 ( 26038 ) is in the 7th magnitude range, at 5:42 UTC.
    What's interesting is that, it has the same type of antenna's as Intelsat 1R and ANIK F1, both
    which I have detected flaring from. 
    That is they have, the 95-in. (2.4 m) dual-gridded shaped relectors. There's 2 of them.
    Galaxy 11
    Intelsat 1R
    Anik F1
    Depending on how the 95-in. (2.4 m) dual-gridded shaped relectors, are pointed at the earth = a
    difference in the Magnitude of the flare, since the angle between me, the sun and them is
    different. Also would effect the time of the flare.
    Only a "theory" to what might cause the flaring, ok. 
    I didn't notice such a change in brightness, with XM-1 ( 26761 ) XM-2 ( 26724 ) They have a bigger
    but different antenna on them. They also have the angled reflector panels like the above. 
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