ISS at 750 km

From: John Locker (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2008 - 20:37:24 UTC

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    (This is getting a bit like the old " I saw Mir "  days isnt it ! )
    Anyway , low pass for me tonight as we are getting to the end of the visible 
    runs  , but out of interest I had a look at the complex at a range of about 
    750 km.( provides a good size reference for satellites out in the 7-800km 
    orbits )
    The clutter at the front end ( trailing to the right ) is I think 
    Atlantis....possibly the bay doors
    Notice also a tiny light return slightly above and forward of the truss , 
    which I think must be the tip of the starboard array.
    There's also a very sharp shadow across the outer end of the starboard 
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