ISS a Miss and a Hit !

From: John Locker (
Date: Tue Feb 12 2008 - 22:47:45 UTC

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    This evening I was invited to the local Astrophysics dept to help them set
    up their LX90 telescope to try and caprure a lunar transit by ISS.
    A 30 arc minute FOV was used on their scope , meanwhile I decided to go for
    a tight field of view of 4 arc mintes.
    We also had a couple of standard video cameras running.
    Come the allotted time there were shouts of delight as their cameras
    registered the pass......unfortunately...I saw nothing of the transit as the
    pass line was well south of that predicted .
    Undeterred I switched off the tracking on my telescope and began to manually
    track the station to a distance of about 900km
    We hope to have the transit videos on line within a day or so.... here's the
    rest of the pass
    There is a bright return at the sharp end of the isnt
    Columbus but I think may well be the OMS pods on Atlantis
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