Lacrosse 5

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Date: Thu Feb 14 2008 - 04:37:51 UTC

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    Another data point, first in a long time as I ramp up for the spring
    season and testing an experimental mount. Got to get back into practice
    somehow. :) I'll work on getting better Az/El data. The station number
    is "0000" until I get mail off to Mr. Eberst, which is an attempt at
    being a void number.
    28646 05 016A   0000 F 20080214022328340 27 50 2730000+450000 58 S+030
    10 999999
    Supporting prose (probably more accurate than the above):
    Lacrosse 5 crossed the line between Hamal (Ari Alpha-13/Arietis/BD+22
    306/Hamul/HD 12929/HR 617/J020710.40+232744.7/PPM 91373/V725) and
    Sheratan (Al Sheratain/Ari Beta-6/BD+20 306/HD 11636/HR
    553/J015438.40+204828.9/PPM 91184/V658) at 2008 02 13 20h23m28.34s CST
    +/- 0.2s.
    My station is at 30d8m42.6sN 97d52m43.8sW / 30.145167 -97.878833 220m WGS84.
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