USA 193, ISS, and mystery flasher

Date: Sat Feb 16 2008 - 03:46:36 UTC

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    USA 193 was nearly 5 minutes earlier than heavens-above's prediction for southern California tonight.  Little surprise for 5 day old orbital elements.
    It passed roughly 1/4 degree north of the star beta Canis Major at
    Feb. 16 02:35:0.9.2.
    Timing was relative to GPS time.
    Observation location
    33 49' 1.0" N
    117 48' 10.0" W
    It was fainter than predicted on heavens-above. I could only see it through binoculars, though naked eye limiting magnitude was probably only around 3 or so.
    We got a very nice view of ISS and Atlantis several minutes earlier.
    Also while looking out for USA 193, my father saw a flashing object which I never was able to find myself.  Our best estimates are that it was about 2 degrees west of Rigel, that it flashed three times, about 2 or 3 seconds between flashes, moving east roughly 1/4 degree between flashes, and no noticeable color.  Any idea what that was?
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