USA 193 not seen (sky probably too bright)

From: John A. Dormer 2 (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2008 - 01:51:54 UTC

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    It's likely the sky was still too bright to catch USA 193 as it ascended
    out of the sunset glare from here in Texas. I was waiting for an appulse
    with Caph at 00:56:28 UTC, and had uncertainty of 2 degrees in the
    passing elevation and expected it to be up to two minutes early.
    Caph itself was just barely visible to the naked eye at that time. I'd
    hoped to get some warning by seeing USA 193 as it ascended, then move to
    the mounted binoculars for a closer look. I would probably have been
    better to keep looking through the binoculars instead.
    If the weather holds, I'll be able to try again tomorrow night.
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