Re: Observing USA 193 - tips for beginners

From: Patrick Wiggins (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2008 - 04:19:57 UTC

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    I do a lot of occultation work and stopped using shortwave some time  
    ago.  Instead I now use a GPS receiver which always gets an excellent  
    signal and displays very exact times.  Those are then fed into the  
    video stream and imprinted on video for later playback.
    Granted there is no audio so it might not work if one is trying to  
    observe through binoculars but for video it works great and could  
    also work with visual observing if a second person called out the times.
    On 16 Feb 2008, at 20:51, Gordon Prichard wrote:
    > Reception from the Hawiian and North American stations is very poor in
    > Australia and New Zealand. Does anyone know of  closer or more  
    > powerful
    > stations?
    >       Gordon
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