Re: USA 193 NOTAM released?

Date: Tue Feb 19 2008 - 00:07:45 UTC

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    I can see that the ground track of USA 193 heads over Canada minutes 
    after the potential intercept according to Ted.
    I am having trouble getting H-A to plot a ground track over all of 
    Canada after that time (in darkness). Can anyone here produce a 
    ground-track and screen capture for the first quarter-rev or so? I'm 
    a Canadian living in New York and I know I'll miss it, but I'd like 
    to see if I can warn any friends or family along the track to go out 
    and look!
    Thanks for any help,
    >Yes, that's correct. It would mean that within minutes, and while 
    >still illuminated by the sun, the debris would come in reach of 
    >tracking stations on the US west coast, who have darkness 
    >(astronomical twilight just ended there).
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