RE: USA 193 NOTAM released?

From: Geoffrey E. Forden (forden@MIT.EDU)
Date: Tue Feb 19 2008 - 00:34:41 UTC

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    I haven't corrected this for atmospheric distortion (I bow in awe to that!)
    these are my *estimates* for viewing from Maui:
    Az: 251.2
    Elevation: 7.8
    RA: 46.3
    Dec: 20.7
    These could be off, of course, because I'm really basing the interception
    position on how nice it looks for debris from the interceptor falling into
    the NOTAM.
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    Geoffrey E. Forden wrote:
    | Unfortunately, it will be daylight and they will be looking into the sun,
    | but perhaps there will be some fireballs?)
    An acquaintance who grew up on the Kwajelein Atol test range told me
    that anti-missile tests he saw from the area in the late 1960s had
    clearly-visible impacts or explosions from a few hundred nautical miles,
    even in daylight. He had some help looking in just the right place in
    the sky, though.
    Although I have the orbital plane surveillance tool almost done, it
    doesn't have the capacity to point to an arbitrary fixed azimuth just
    yet. I probably won't have time to add that before the attempt to shoot
    down USA 193 happens. This would allow a telescope to point to a place
    in space along the orbital plane which won't necessarily coincide with
    the highest elevation the vehicle will appear to an observer.
    Honestly, I'm just to the point of adding RA/Dec conversion as well as
    atmospheric correction.
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