RE: USA 193 NOTAM released?

From: Walter Ridgewell (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2008 - 01:27:16 UTC

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    >I dismissed that series of passes as if some of  the debris is going to
    >down in the next half rev , it could make landfall over  Canada
    >which rather defeats the object...... ????
    Actually it does make sense from the perspective that any 'sensitive' bits
    that survive land in your
    NORAD partners backyard, that and the debris field can be tracked by our
    optical CASTOR network. If you want the best monitored/controlled airspace
    for this sort of thing it doesn't get any better.
    Most of the pass is over high latitude areas up here, sparse population is a
    given ... we're pretty 'spread out':=) We've also have had some previous
    experience in joint satellite cleanup/recovery exercises (Cosmos 954), just
    in case there is an alternate power source onboard.
    Walter Ridgewell,
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