Lacrosse 3

From: Matt Bartley (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2008 - 04:01:32 UTC

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    I just watched a near zenith pass of Lacrosse 3 (25017U) based on the  
    heavens-above Feb. 14th elements.  It appeared on the predicted track  
    as best I could tell, and maybe a couple seconds early.
    It crossed the line formed by the stars  Mirphak (HP 15863) and HP  
    17358A at 02:52:02.1 UTC.  Estimated position: about 1/2 degree from  
    HP 17358A, in the direction of the constellation Auriga.  (Nearest  
    star in Stellarium is HP 17548)
    33 43 51N
    117 47 36W
    Limiting magnitude was 3.5 or so.
    I also saw Genesis I (29252) and didn't try to take a measurement on  
    that one.
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