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Date: Wed Feb 04 2009 - 16:48:11 UTC

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    Apologies for cross-postings, as some of you already receive our update
    notices.  Since this was a major reorganization and several new features
    were added, I wanted to make sure that anyone who might find the
    Database useful knows about it.
    The Union of Concerned Scientists* Satellite Database is a free,
    comprehensive, easy-to-use repository of information on active
    satellites. The database is a research tool for specialists and
    non-specialists alike. It contains 24 types of data for each satellite,
    including: technical information (orbit, mass, power, launch, expected
    lifetime), what the satellite is used for; and who owns, operates and
    built the satellite. 
    We have just updated the satellite database Web page with additional
    support material, including a Satellite Quick Facts feature that
    provides key facts about the satellite population. The Database and the
    Quick Facts are updated quarterly.
    The database is in Excel format and can be downloaded at 
    A new version of the UCS Satellite Database, which includes launches
    through January 1, 2009, has been posted.  There are currently 905
    active satellites in the database.
    The Database page has been newly organized for easier navigation, and
    it has several new features, including some analysis:
    * a "Satellite Quick Facts" box, giving current satellite counts,
    updated quarterly, and 
    * a "Quick Facts & Analysis" page, explaining the derivation of the
    Satellite Quick Facts and answering some more in-depth questions,
    updated occasionally
    Also new to the Database page are: 
    * a "Quick Guide to Using the Database," a how-to for several basic
    database tasks 
    * a "Featured Satellite," detailing one of the interesting active
    satellites in the database, updated quarterly 
    * a link to the new "Space Age Trivia" page, highlighting interesting
    facts about space, past and present, updated quarterly
    The other changes to this version of the database include:
    * a reorganization of the orbital information into columns with "Class
    of Orbit," e.g., LEO, and "Type of Orbit," e.g., Sun-Synchronous. All
    GEO longitude information has been moved to the column "Longitude of
    * The addition of 20 satellites 
    * The deletion of 14 inactive satellites 
    * The addition of and corrections to some satellite data 
    * The updating of the orbital information for the GEO satellites
    We have incorporated your corrections and suggestions as we were able,
    and continue to welcome your comments.  Please do let us know what you
    think of the new site!
    The UCS Satellite Database Manager 
    Dr. Laura Grego
    Senior Scientist, Global Security Program
    Union of Concerned Scientists
    Two Brattle Square
    Cambridge, MA 02238 USA
    617 301 8062
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