RE: Irian Launchsite Coordinates

From: Geoffrey E. Forden (forden@MIT.EDU)
Date: Wed Feb 04 2009 - 19:57:19 UTC

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    I found the launch site using satellite imagery from last February when the
    Kavoshgar was launched.  It matches up very well with the ground equipment
    like the towers for flood lights etc.  Unfortunately, Google Earth imagery
    is so old it doesn't show any of that.  What makes this on topic, however,
    is how well the launch site matches up with the satellite and the rocket
    body when you run the orbits backwards in time.  Both orbiting objects come
    together right over the launch site at 18:38 GMT on 2 February 2009.  If
    subtract about 5 minutes for the trajectory to get up there you should have
    a pretty good idea of when launch occurred.  The coordinates for the launch
    site are:
    35.234338 N 53.920601 E.
    Geoff Forden
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    From: Gerhard HOLTKAMP [] 
    Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 1:17 PM
    Subject: Irian Launchsite Coordinates
    Has anyone come across accurate coordinates for the site of the launch of
    Irian Satellite? Looks to me that the 55 degree inclination was chosen 
    because it is the lowest inclination which avoids the Indian coastline after
    a launch from Iran.
    Gerhard HOLTKAMP
    Darmstadt, Germany
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