Hook Line and Sinker

From: Derek C Breit (breit_ideas@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 18:48:11 UTC

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    Greg Wrote- I had an ulterior motive - I was trying to seduce you into the
    noble art of tracking classified satellites :-))
    Well I just finished going thru a progression of thought that has ended in a
    workable plan.. I think..
    I *WAS* going to setup on a simple to find star in Orion's Sword and record
    a gazillion GEOs.. This is in my Southeastern sky..
    But Scott and Becky.. And Kevin.. Etc can handle those areas.. So instead of
    wiping up a long line GEOs at my prime declination of -5d 51m, I will just
    Start near Venus in the West and see how close to the Western Horizon I can
    get.. Not as easy, as I will have to find each one individually, but I am
    betting it is going to be far more useful..
    I am West and going Westerer... Thata Way >>>
    People could assist me in being of use in a specific way.. If there is
    something that needs an observation, or alternatively does need to be hit,
    feel free to let me know!
    I can provide a list of objects visible to me if that woud help..
    I do not want to duplicate others efforts.. Otherwise I will just hammer
    everything I can, then start over and repeat..
    Of course three days of rain have just started...
     PS.. In occultations, I am use to +/- Longitudes, so once I figured out
    that Kevin Fetter was on THIS side of the Atlantic, it was easy to figure
    out I should go West...
    PSS.. There is one specific GEO I will be all over, and that is Wildblue-1,
    which is my Satellite Internet Service... Thanks to that fine list of sats
    recently posted, I finally know where that darn bird is.. Wildblue has no
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