Re: CLASSFD that needs observing Re: Hook Line and Sinker

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 08:38:59 UTC

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    Morning Bjorn
    Bjorn wrote in reply to my comment:
    >>If I were a morning observer I would start in the west and work eastwards
    > Thats seems awfully difficult in approaching dawn with the sun rising in the E 
    > :-))
    Not really - if one wants maximum phase effect then you need to observe in the 
    part of the sky with the sun behind you, so in the evening thats looking east 
    and in the morning looking west. Once you get the western morning objects out 
    the way you then go to less favourable phase angles and head towards the eastern 
    objects (in the morning) and try and observe them until the approaching rising 
    sun starts to brighten the sky too much..   I am of coure talking mainly about 
    geosats where a phase angle difference of one or two magnitudes can be vital to 
    seeing or not seeing a satellite.
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