Re: So I am not a real observer, oh well.

From: Scott and Becky Campbell (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 13:44:57 UTC

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    Greg Roberts wrote:
    > ....
    > I tried binoculars/telescope/stop watch for probably something like 42 
    > years and considered myself a lousy observer.
    > Maybe Im a bit better now.
    I tried the binocular and stopwatch approach....once.  It was way too 
    hard and not very accurate.  My hat is off to those who are actually 
    successful at obtaining precision data using this equipment.
    That first try could have killed my enthusiasm...and maybe it does for 
    some who try it out.  Luckily it didn't and I went on to get some video 
    gear and a GPS timestamp.  Kevins web page with links to his gear got me 
    started.  Greg keep me enthused and Mike maintains the rigor. :-)
    We could use some more observers who actually measure and report their 
    observations.  If no one did this then the classified objects would all 
    become unknowns that occasionally pass through the spacetrack fleet.  
    Perhaps we need some pages of equipment and techniques on the SeeSat 
    page to encourage new observer/measurers.  We already have plenty of 
    Scott Campbell
    Beeville, Texas
    Cospar 6226 28.4861N 97.8194W 107m
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