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Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 18:54:13 UTC

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    Blimey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wish I had never opened me mouth now !
    OK you all ( apart from Ted ) seem to be missing the point.
    Leonard's article wasnt about a shower of  elitist show offs bragging about what they can do with their large apertures ( OOOOeeerrrrr  ) and expensive cameras , it was about enthusing others to have a go.
    And....yes you could have seen the transit with a good pair of binoculars.....and whilst lunar and solar transits are old hat to us , they are tremendously exciting to the casual observer.
    Last year I showed a group of  people from the local Astrophysics dept  how to capture a lunar transit.One of the best shots was with a cheap and cheerful video fancy lens , just off the shelf....point and shoot.
    They were like a bunch of excited school kids watching the event. Thats what its all about !  :O) 
    Kevin and I are now going for a lie down ! (   3,000 miles apart of course....wouldnt want to start any rumours !! )
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    > Can Binoculars do this????
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