RE: So I am not a real observer, oh well.

From: Michael & Caroline Rice (
Date: Sat Feb 07 2009 - 10:57:21 UTC

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    Then there's me, lurking on the list and floating about in the pool with a
    couple of foam noodles and a wristwatch of dubious calibration (when I can
    actually see it in the dark, anyway); I can hardly tell north from east,
    Can anyone identify for me ('cos I can't figure it from Heavens-Above) a sat
    travelling west to east tonight 7-2-09, quite fast, between Taurus (Hyades)
    and Orion, entering shadow in the vicinity of RA 5hr dec 10deg at around
    19:46 local time (UCT -10, GMT + 10)?
    We also spotted (and now, identified, probably) the OAO3 rocket and Cosmos
    1953 (but now I wish I'd dragged myself out of the pool, 'cos H-A shows it
    running smack over Sirius: that would have been fun to watch). And a couple
    of others I didn't grab a time on.
    Michael Rice
    27.8997S, 153.0213E
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    As for
    Yes please report, what you observe. 
    > And I can't resist....Kevin may not be a "real observer" :O)
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