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Date: Sat Feb 07 2009 - 22:04:31 UTC

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    Interesting approach Adam
    This is the same method that I use when imaging ISS in daylight and I have had succes simply by looking at just prior to the transit and  taking the Az El values then setting the telescope up to these (In these instances of course I have no star to guide me as I'm shooting in bright sunshine)
    Ignoring weather aborts , which are usually the reason for a "miss" I get
    a one in two success rate using this method.
    Admittedly its like finding a needle in a haystack , but its a simple procedure which gives reasonable results.
    Main thing is to ensure that if you are contemplating this , the scope has to be levelled perfectly , no margin for error , then just set up to the Az value.If you go for the top of the the pass , because of the apparent "flattening" of the transit Az is not quite as critical.One degree accuracy is good enough
    Here's an example...
    .....from a very bright June day a couple of years ago , using this point and shoot technique.... !
    Good luck , whichever way you attempt it :O)
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